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Our Online CPD Accredited Courses are courses that enable people to expand their skills and knowledge in Fire Safety Training.

What Are CPD Accredited Courses?

In short, (Continuous Professional Development) Courses are educational programs that have been approved for the idea of professional development.

Overall, CPD courses are designed to support individuals to develop their knowledge and skills, often in the same fields they work in , just to further themselves in certain subject fields.

What We Offer

CPD Accredited Courses to train individuals on all things fire safety. Therefore, by taking this course, you will gain extensive knowledge and skills in how to effectively take on different situations within your bsuiness.

Overall, push yourself to learn new things and become more confident in taking on fire safety emergencies with our online courses.

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Fire Training for Care Homes

This online Fire Safety in Care Homes training course covers Fire fundamentals, chemistry of fire, classes of fire, fire prevention, and fire emergency procedures.

Additionally, This course includes three missions and a multiple-choice test.

The course takes around 45 to 60 minutes with instant CPD accredited personalised certification on completion.

  • This course provides a recognised certification

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