Health & Safety Services

Health & Safety Services keep everyone in your business safe with the right procedures that carry out specific inspections of your premises.

What are Health & Safety Services?

Health & Safety Services are set up to support businesses in managing health and safety in an organisation. More importantly, they produce policies and prevent any issues concerning health and safety.

Additionally, documents within the policies can be; Fire risk assessments, Fire safety and Evacuation Procedures.

What We Offer

Health & Safety Policies & Documents

Clearly stating who does what in the business, Health and Safety policies should display how individuals approach it and when it needs to be done.

Overall, these documents should outline how a business should approach dealing with and managing their health and safety.

It should be noted that these documents are required and hold important information on procedures in a building.

Lastly, Health & Safety in a business is a main priority, following the HSE legislation to ensure your business is provided with the right services.

Fire Risk Assessments

Helping you identify and assess the potential risks that may arise within your building, Fire Risk Assessments are an essential part of an organisations health and safety

In addition, they help you to identify areas in which your policies and procedures may need improvement; especially identifying any fire safety precautions you should be following to keep visitors and employees safe.

  • Free comprehensive report on completion
  • Flexible assessments to work around you
  • Carried out by a qualified assessor
Risk Assessment Solutions

Evacuation Training

In brief, the Evacuation Training is a certified course that lasts approximately 2.5 hours and covers both theoretical and practical training skills.

Our Operator Training course is designed to train delegates how to use an Evacuation Chair or Sled Aid safely and correctly.

Overall, Evacuation Training enables delegates to have hands-on experience in operating and deploying the chair and provides guidance on the safe evacuation of the mobility impaired

  • Serviced inline with British Standards
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Carried out by BAFE accredited engineers

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