First Aid Training

Gain life-saving skills and be prepared for any emergencies within your workplace with First Aid Training.

What is a First Aid Training?

First Aid Training is a course designed to perform basic knowledge and skills needed to provide immediately when someone has been injured or becomes ill. Importantly, trying to prevent anything further from happening.

We provide training at your workplace or at a local venue and specifically tailor our courses to meet the needs of your business.

Overall,it is important to review the Legislation of First Aid at work, and assign a first aid trainer within your business.

A crucial role that can save lives.

Emergency First Aid at Work – 3 Days

 – Duration approximately 18 hours

   (Over 3 working days)

 – Maximum of up to 12 delegates

First Aid at Work training courses provide your employees with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approved training. This allows them to carry out safe, prompt and effective first aid in emergency situations at work.

We specifically tailor our courses to meet the needs of your business, and can provide training at your workplace or at a local venue.

To cover and include:

Aims of first aid

Emergency action

Casualty assessment

Recovery position CPR


Major illnesses

Minor illnesses

Emergency First Aid at Work

 – Duration approximately 6 hours

–  Maximum of up to 12 delegates

The Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is now available from Your First Aid Safety Training, and is HSE compliant.

Therefore, enabling staff to give safe, prompt and effective first aid to a casualty at work, following injury or illness. We can either provide training in your place of work, or at a convenient venue.

Overall, this course is for people nominated as an Emergency First Aider. It is useful for anyone wanting to gain knowledge of emergency first aid procedures, and provides a recognised qualification.

To cover and include:

Role of First Aider

Emergency action

Assessing a casualty

Infection control

Recovery position CPR




Bleeding, minor and major

Burns and scalds Splinters


2 Day Supervsing First Aid for Mental Health

 – Duration 2 days

–  Maximum of up to 10 delegates

This course is aimed at those in supervisory positions and aims to increase their awareness of mental health issues and how they manifest themselves, whilst providing learning in how to address these from a first aid perspective.

To cover and include:

Identifying mental health conditions

Providing advice & starting a conversation

First aid action plan for mental health

Mental health in the workplace

Mental Disorders

Save Lives: Enroll in First Aid Training Today!

Emergency First Aid Training is a vital skill that saves lives and promotes safety. 

First aid training empowers individuals with the knowledge to act confidently, whether it’s aiding a family member, a colleague, etc. First Aid training creates a safer environment for any environment.

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