Fire Evacuation Training

Ensure your employees know how to respond in the event of a fire, Fire evacuation training is essential for businesses.

What is Fire Evacuation Training?

Fire Evacuation Training is a program used to prepare individuals and businesses for safely responding to an emergency and evacuating a building or area in the event of a fire.

Importantly, There are legislations to review when it comes to handling mobility impaired individuals in emergencies.

Review the Evacuation Chair Legislation.

Overall, this training course is essential to ensure the safety of occupants in buildings and to reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities during a fire incident.

What Is the Evacuation Training Course?

– Duration approximately 2.5 hours

– Maximum of up to 12 delegates

The evacuation chair or sledge training course gives your staff confidence to safely evacuate people with mobility impairments in an emergency. The course ensures that you fully comply with the responsibilities to ensure all persons are accommodated for.

A certified course that lasts approximately 2.5 hours and covers both theoretical and practical training skills.

Our Operator Training course is designed to train delegates how to use an Evacuation Chair or Sled Aid safely and correctly. The course enables delegates to have hands-on experience in operating and deploying the chair and provides guidance on the safe evacuation of the mobility impaired.

Evacuation Training with Risk Assessment Solutions

We recently visited Methodist Homes, where our Fire Safety Training took place. Within this session, Evacuation Training was demonstrated and practised by staff.

The Course aim is to enable staff to manage a fire or other similar emergency efficiently and effectively to meet the legal requirements to train staff. By using the correct equipment, individuals can feel more confident in any emergency.


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