Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training provides crucial knowledge in fire safety and how to prevent any fire related incidents from happening in the first place.

What is Fire Safety Training?

This training is important for any business that deals with flammable materials, but it can be especially important for restaurants and bars. Designed to teach employees what to do in the event of a fire and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Fire Marshal Training

Our First Aid course will provide a firm standardisation process that will ensure all receive baseline input.

Fire Marshal Training ensures that each individual understands their role in an emergency, and what activities can be undertaken to prevent an emergency occurring.

Training complies with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, addressing all legislative requirements of employers and inclusive of practical (NO fire involved) Fire extinguisher familiarisation and use. 

  • Duration approximately 3 hours
  • Maximum of up to 15 delegates
  • Optional LIVE fire practical Demonstration

First Aid Training

First Aid at Work Course is now available from your First Aid Safety Training, and is HSE compliant.

Providing First Aid training that will enable staff to give safe, prompt and effective first aid to a casualty at work, following injury or illness.

We can either provide training in your place of work, or at a convenient venue.

Additionally, This course is for people nominated as an Emergency First Aider, or for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of emergency first aid.

  • This course provides a recognised qualification

Manual Handling:

Train the Trainer

A half-day manual handling training course teaches individuals the best ways in manual handling to minimise the risk of  injury.

Covering techniques to minimise the risk of injury from lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying, which will reflect on the requirements of the (Manual Handling Operations Regulations 2002).

Attendees will complete the course with an understanding of the regulations as well as knowledge of lifting and moving.

Overall, being able to identify potential hazards and decide the safest way to manual handling without injury.

Managers and supervisors will be able to assess whether their work force are using current, safe working manual handling techniques.

Evacuation Chair and Seldge Training

Evacuation chair or sledge training course gives your staff confidence to safely evacuate people with mobility impairments in an emergency.

Lastly, the course ensures that you fully comply with the responsibilities to ensure all persons are accommodated for. A certified course that lasts approximately 2.5 hours and covers both theoretical and practical training skills.

Risk Assessment Solutions also offer an Operator Training course is designed to train delegates how to use an Evacuation Chair or Sled Aid safely and correctly. Therefore the course enables delegates to have hands-on experience in operating and deploying the chair and provides guidance on the safe evacuation of the mobility impaired.

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